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We are a group of friends and internet/tech entrepreneurs who first met ten years ago in Saarbruecker Strasse 21 in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg. All of us started successful businesses, we are founders and share a passion for building great companies.

As active business angels, we also invest in young startups, either individually or collectively as a group. We provide seed funding for killer-founders and great ideas. But way more important: we help you to avoid mistakes that we have already made (and yes, we've made a lot). We introduce you to the right people. We provide you with all the experience that we have. Not just talking about it but helping you hands-on.

Your friends from Saarbruecker21


We are a group of friends and entrepreneurs who have all built successful companies, sold or IPO'ed. We come with diverse backgrounds but our common ground is friendship and the joy in investing in other startups.


This section shows investments that members from our group participate in. We invest into a wide range of topics given the diverse background of the SB21 team. It is our firm believe that we can add value by transfering insights from one industry to another. We are quick decision makers and are available whenever you need support, an intro or just a sounding board for a new idea.

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