Overview current investments

We invest into a wide range of topics given the diverse background of the SB21 team. It is our firm believe that we can add value by transfering insights from one industry to another. We are quick decision makers and are available whenever you need support, an intro or just a sounding board for a new idea.

Details on current investments (excerpt)

Home delivery service for beverages

 Full-service platform for luxury watch trading.

Next generation business travel management.

Cloud based solution for Cross-Channel Marketing Orchestration.

App based insurance management.

Online language lessons via Skype.

Skin and eco-friendly baby care products.

Next generation real estate agency.

Hyper-local social network in Germany.

Talent Acquisition Platform

 Online B2B marketplace for industrial sheet metal processing


Orthodontic aligners to treat tooth malpositions

Automated chatbot-CRM via Facebook Messenger


Marketing platform for influencer marketing campaigns

 Bitcoin powered P2P lending platform


Revolutionary treatment to address hair loss

 Q&A testing platform

 Installation work by professional craftsmen


M&A platform for small and medium-sized enterprises

Parenting and security app

All investments (complete list)